Winter Hair Color

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The Seasons have changed and Summer along with our suntans are long behind us. What is usually left is pale skin tones, dry hair and too many highlights. Nature’s color palette changes and so do the color of the clothes in our wardrobes. So the question is why not your hair color too?

For blondes the change could be as subtle as a few lowlights or a glaze all over turning your platinum blonde a soft honey or gold tone. For brunettes a good change could be a deep warm chestnut brown or a rich dark chocolate with warm honey highlights. If you ever thought about being a redhead now is a great time. There are so many gorgeous tones from copper hues to vivid true reds. Or even a chocolate cherry tone to get you started. Adding warm tones to your hair corrects our pale skin tones.

Don’t forget a great conditioning treatment in the salon or one purchased to apply weekly at home can cure your dry hair and give it back it’s luster and shine. Shine sprays and gloss drops are another great way to shine for the upcoming holiday season

Date Hair Ideas

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Here are some ideas to dress up your hair for your Valentines Day Date.

A very easy option is adding a headband or sparkly barette to your hair. When wearing a headband always tease the crown. This is a great foundation to get your headband to stay in place.

Loose curls are another option. Curling irons from 1 Inch size to 1 ½ inches work best for loose styles. Curl 1 inch sections away from your face. Let the curls cool before you separate them. Then seal them with hairspray. I recommend Enjoy Superhold Hairspray. It is an aerosol spray so you will avoid buildup and flakiness but it will hold your style for hours.

A fun new trend is braids. A Loose side braid is super cute and easy option. Fish tail braids are very hot right now. Side ways, in heart shape patterns and loose to the side are all great options.

Remember great hair can make even a simple pair of jeans and black boots look glam!

Happy Valentines Day xoxo

Tips for Dry Summer Hair

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As the end of summer approaches a lot of our clients find their hair dry and less manageable. The dry air, swimming pools and beach visits take their toll on your hair. There are a few easy ways to manage and prevent this.

Regular trims are a must. You will be amazed how trimming off even 1/2 inch of hair will make it feel great. Trim every 4-6 weeks for short hair and 6-8 for long.

Regular conditioning treatments at home or in the salon are a great way to give your hair back its shine. Moisturizing treatments are the way to go. The Shear Nirvana Team recommends Enjoy’s Hydrating Mask. In stock now. We recommend using it every 3rd shampoo.

To help prevent dry hair simply wear a hat at the beach or pool. The suns UV rays strip color. So cover up those locks!

Brazilian Blowout in Temecula

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Thinking about getting a Brazilian Blowout in Temecula, CA? Then call Shear Nirvana Hair Salon at 951-693-0108 to set up an appointment today. We take great pride in specializing in Brazilian hair straightening treatments and techniques, so you can be sure to have the best hair-do for your special event.

Count on our hair salon in Temecula, CA to make sure you have the best hair style in the Inland Empire. We promise to make your experience with us a special one and will always put you, the client first! Whether you have a wedding, Birthday or other special event you need your hair done for, count on our Temecula Hair Stylists to give you what you want.

One call to Shear Nirvana Hair Salon at 951-693-0108 in Temecula, CA is all it takes to get started. We want to make your hair your best accessory and that’s exactly what you will get by using our professional hair services.