Winter Hair Color

shearnirvana Hairstyle 0 Comments

The Seasons have changed and Summer along with our suntans are long behind us. What is usually left is pale skin tones, dry hair and too many highlights. Nature’s color palette changes and so do the color of the clothes in our wardrobes. So the question is why not your hair color too?

For blondes the change could be as subtle as a few lowlights or a glaze all over turning your platinum blonde a soft honey or gold tone. For brunettes a good change could be a deep warm chestnut brown or a rich dark chocolate with warm honey highlights. If you ever thought about being a redhead now is a great time. There are so many gorgeous tones from copper hues to vivid true reds. Or even a chocolate cherry tone to get you started. Adding warm tones to your hair corrects our pale skin tones.

Don’t forget a great conditioning treatment in the salon or one purchased to apply weekly at home can cure your dry hair and give it back it’s luster and shine. Shine sprays and gloss drops are another great way to shine for the upcoming holiday season

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