Tips for Dry Summer Hair

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As the end of summer approaches a lot of our clients find their hair dry and less manageable. The dry air, swimming pools and beach visits take their toll on your hair. There are a few easy ways to manage and prevent this.

Regular trims are a must. You will be amazed how trimming off even 1/2 inch of hair will make it feel great. Trim every 4-6 weeks for short hair and 6-8 for long.

Regular conditioning treatments at home or in the salon are a great way to give your hair back its shine. Moisturizing treatments are the way to go. The Shear Nirvana Team recommends Enjoy’s Hydrating Mask. In stock now. We recommend using it every 3rd shampoo.

To help prevent dry hair simply wear a hat at the beach or pool. The suns UV rays strip color. So cover up those locks!

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